​A little about us.....

​Thank you for coming to our site. We are so glad you're here!     

​We like to do a little bit of everything and have 20 years experience in the embroidery industry.   My blanket hobby started way before then.   Creative as a child, I eventually morphed into creating crochet patterns and blankets.  As you can tell, music is a big part of me.

​  These days embroidery, screen printing, and logo design take up most of my days.   I am so thankful to be able to do what I love.   It all started 20 years ago at Four Points Embroidery Works in Hyannis, Ma.  Years later I was able to branch out on my own .   Every customer is important to me and I aim to please.!

​ We also offer digitizing, vector services, and logo creation.   We may be small but we do it all (almost)  .

​  Please contact us for a free quote or request.   Hope to meet you soon -